Becoming a Linomat Retailer

Wanna help Linomat products accessible for everyone?
That can! By a ' fixed ' point of sale for the Linomat.

Can anyone become a reseller?
Yes, in principle though. By do it yourself business to online business,lacquers, anyone can sign up with us as a sales point.

Of course, we assume that ' in the spirit ' of Netherlands Linomat acts: honest and no-nonsense and that you know what you're talking about if you like our stuff sells.

What does it cost to Linomat point of sale?

As a sales point of Linomat you will definitely need to invest in stock.
A small stock of means for your customers that they find what they are looking for.
This is a minimum investment. Because you can quickly deliver, this also for you as an entrepreneur rest.

Interested In Becoming A LINOMAT Retailer or Wholesaler? We are always looking for qualified retailer to join our team. For information please contact the sales department.