Linomat brush S300

Linomat windowbrush S300

The Linomat Brush S300 brush is made ​​of 100% pigshair. Pigshair has unique features making it the ultimate resource for the paintbrush. Linomat understands better than anyone that a good paint brush is essential for the best finish of your paint job. Linomat brush S300 offers consistent quality and is universally applicable and provides a streak-free finish. You can clean the Linomat Brush S300 with turpentine, thinner or any other common detergent.

Linomat Brush S300 makes painting a fun activity. Using masking tape with the Linomat Brush S300 is now a thing of the past, you now paint quickly and easily alongside windows and frames. Surprise yourself and choose Linomat and make painting a fun activity!

Masking Tape is history!: Linomat s100 has so many advantages

Excellent paint absorption capacity due to a scale like surface structure
A more even distribution of the paint
A high level of elasticity
Suitable for solvent-containing material
Long life
Separate components available
The convenience and time savings of not having to use masking tape
Never again pull away the paint when removing the masking tape
Never again glue residue from the masking tape