Linomat paintroller S200

Linomat paintroller S200

Linomat S200 paintroller is a user friendly and advanced solution for a tight finish when painting alongside windows and walls.

The Linomat S200 is the smaller version of the Linomat S100. Where the Linomat S100 is not able to get in between, the Linomat S200 offers the best solution. The 4 cm long foam roller is extremely suitable for water based paints. You can paint to your heart's content with latex and wall paints. the paintroller comes complete with a special frame and a foam roller of 4cm. The Linomat roller is already being used by many professional painters. But now the Linomat roller is also available to the consumer!

Do note that the brush hairs need to stand straight against the wall when painting!

Masking Tape is history!: Linomat s100 has so many advantages

Special foam roller with innovative structure for high-quality paint
Good angle finish with clean lines
Suitable for water based paints
Suitable for all turpentine based paints
Separate components available
The convenience and time savings of not having to use masking tape
Never again pull away the paint when removing the masking tape 
Never again glue residue from the masking tape